Roach Pool

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IMG 4370 editReworked for aggregates as late as the mid nineties Roach Pool has more than doubled in size from when many anglers first fished this water, now at around 2.2 acres and with a more open aspect the lake is lightly fringed with young alder trees and with just a few swims available the lake is uncrowded and will allow anglers the freedom to explore the reed fringes along the eastern bank, which is where the large carp tend to cruise in between the reed stems.

With depths of around 4-12 feet it can be get weedy along the far marginal shelf through the summer months, but the weed holds an abundance of invertebrate life on which the fish are thriving, also as the lake is closest to the river it can be prone to colour up in times of high water levels but this can sometimes bring the fish onto feed.

Stocking of this lake has followed our low density stocking approach which will ensure the small number of carp will develop to their full potential and the addition of tench, bream and silver fish will provide an ideal fishery for a relaxed days fishing and as darkness falls over this quiet water catch a glimpse of the barn owl as it silently patrols this idyllic stretch of the Wensum Valley.






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