New Lake

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New LakeThis lake previously never fished now presents a really exciting opportunity for our members as we have opened new swims on the lake for the 2015 season. The lake was never included as part of the old fishery syndicates, and was re-excavated in the mid nineties. Set at the northern end of the fishery beyond Clearwater at around 3.5 acres it is the third largest lake at the fishery. Currently heavily overgrown in some areas

Heavily reed fringed along the river bank where access is difficult due to the boggy nature the majority of limited swims will be set in amongst an Alder copse on the near bank giving an intimate feel to this water. With depths of between 4-14 feet and superb crystal clear water quality we expect this lake to hold an abundance of invertebrates which add to the richness these Wensum Valley waters achieve and will be the key to producing large Carp. The view over the lake as the reeds glow golden in the setting sun we hope will bring a perfect end to a great days fishing for many of our members when the opportunity to fish the lake arises.

The Lake which contains pike and silvers, and a very low number of carp.







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