River Wensum

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With over a mile of the superb river Wensum available to us here at Wensum Fisheries it really adds an extra dimension to the fishing experience we can offer. The river as a whole is covered by the River Wensum Restoration Stratergy find out more about this here and is under ongoing further habitat improvements however the river with its SSSI status has naturally good habitat in this stretch with plenty of bankside vegitation, berms and areas for fry and is one of the areas chosen by the Environment agency and NACA for its groundbreaking barbel tagging program it is also a site for one of the aerial loop systems that regularly detect the movements of the one year plus barbel stocked just upstream at Taverham mill since 2007 & and a further 200 plus fish as recently as 05/03/2013, find out details here of this project and 2012 information from the loop systems. With views over the lovely Norfolk country side the river benefits from some long glides ideal for trotting and with several overhanging bushes and a tight 'S' bend the river has some great fish holding areas that demand to be fished. The river has recently produced chub to over 7lbs and in the past produced barbel to double figures also with many of the recently stocked barbel having shown up in the area on the aerial loop system its hoped these fish are now resident and will remain here at Wensum Fisheries. Great catches of chub have ben reported from the river in winter 2013-2014 with plenty of fish over 5lb with some superb fish to 6lbs plus.

The large elusive roach once prevalent in the Wensum have been taken to over 2lb in recent years and to over a pound this winter from the fishery so quiver tipped bread flake as the sun sets may just temp this most iconic of Wensum species and produce a once in a life time moment.

Access can be made to the river at several points through the fishery and with regular maintenance and support from NNNSI we hope to keep the banks clear of the troublesome Himalayan Balsam and improve on access over the coming months. The river is available to our members on both our permits so check out our membership page and get access to this excellent stretch of the river Wensum.

New Lake

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New LakeThis lake previously never fished now presents a really exciting opportunity for our members as we have opened new swims on the lake for the 2015 season. The lake was never included as part of the old fishery syndicates, and was re-excavated in the mid nineties. Set at the northern end of the fishery beyond Clearwater at around 3.5 acres it is the third largest lake at the fishery. Currently heavily overgrown in some areas

Heavily reed fringed along the river bank where access is difficult due to the boggy nature the majority of limited swims will be set in amongst an Alder copse on the near bank giving an intimate feel to this water. With depths of between 4-14 feet and superb crystal clear water quality we expect this lake to hold an abundance of invertebrates which add to the richness these Wensum Valley waters achieve and will be the key to producing large Carp. The view over the lake as the reeds glow golden in the setting sun we hope will bring a perfect end to a great days fishing for many of our members when the opportunity to fish the lake arises.

The Lake which contains pike and silvers, and a very low number of carp.



Jay's Lake

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This intimate reed fringed lake around 0.6 acres provides the opportunity to stalk the few select wary carp introduced to this interesting peaceful environment.

Very weedy in the summer months and with depths around 4-12 feet careful bait placement will be the key to get the fish to feed. Again we intend to stock this lake sensitively and allow the fish room to grow on in this extremely rich environment.

Swims have been limited to allow members the space to enjoy their surroundings and the tranquillity the Wensum valley has to offer, and do not be suprised to find a roe deer wandering just feet away as you blend into this quiet corner of the fishery.


Roach Pool

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IMG 4370 editReworked for aggregates as late as the mid nineties Roach Pool has more than doubled in size from when many anglers first fished this water, now at around 2.2 acres and with a more open aspect the lake is lightly fringed with young alder trees and with just a few swims available the lake is uncrowded and will allow anglers the freedom to explore the reed fringes along the eastern bank, which is where the large carp tend to cruise in between the reed stems.

With depths of around 4-12 feet it can be get weedy along the far marginal shelf through the summer months, but the weed holds an abundance of invertebrate life on which the fish are thriving, also as the lake is closest to the river it can be prone to colour up in times of high water levels but this can sometimes bring the fish onto feed.

Stocking of this lake has followed our low density stocking approach which will ensure the small number of carp will develop to their full potential and the addition of tench, bream and silver fish will provide an ideal fishery for a relaxed days fishing and as darkness falls over this quiet water catch a glimpse of the barn owl as it silently patrols this idyllic stretch of the Wensum Valley.






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