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IMG 4394 editSet in 42 Acres of the beautiful Wensum valley, Wensum Fisheries is a classic mature gravel pit fishery with a rich angling history that began in the mid sixties and offers six superb lakes & over a mile of the river Wensum. This lovely tree lined fishery with picturesque lakes dotted with lily pads & secretive intimate bays provides our members with some excellent fishing in peaceful, secure surroundings. Wensum Fisheries is an old school unspoilt no "frills" fishery just big carp and a beautiful place to fish.

Traditional mixed species fisheries are fast becoming a thing of the past in Norfolk, at Wensum Fisheries we have a passion to balance the traditional character of this once much loved fishery and offer anglers an opportunity to experience what at true Wensum gravel pit can offer by developing a fishery that provides challenging big fish waters for the serious carp angler to pleasure fishing for the angler who wishes to while away a few hours in lovely surroundings float fishing for quality tench.

Please take time to look through our website pages where you will find all the details needed to decide that Wensum Fisheries is the place to fish this season.

Birdwatching / Wildlife

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This area of the Wensum valley is outstanding and home to an abundance of Bird and Wildlife. With a rich diverse range of habitat from mature woodland to open wetland spaces the fishery attracts a wealth of wildlife into this green corridor and provides excellent nesting sites for a range of species. The river wensum and its banks are designated a SSSI and also a Special Area of Conservation, these are legal designations. As such, under the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to undertake certain operations without prior permission from Natural England, the Government's agency for protecting nature. Find out more about the River Wensum and its SSSI status here.

Our members may visit this outstanding site and stroll through the woodland or by the river to enjoy all that the Wensum Valley has to offer. Catch a glimpse of the deer as they drift ghost like through the trees in the early morning mist or follow the tracks left by the nocturnal otter as it follows the river down to Costessey mill. The silence of the early morning broken by the hammering of the woodpecker as it searches the mature woodland for grubs in the decaying bark. We hope to be working with several groups over the next few years to improve the habitat in the area to attract further species to the site. The site is a wonderful area for photographers and presents a wide range of fauna and fungi to photograph along with many species of dragonfly and butterflies and the sunsets over the fishery never fail to impress. 

Please note it is important to stay on the maintained tracks while at the fishery as some areas can be extremely boggy in wet conditions. 

Fishery Information

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Wensum Fisheries offers its members a unique fishing experience in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Situated close to the village of Costessey on the outskirts of Norwich the fishery can be found on Taverham Lane (Sat Nav NR8 5BE) and accessed by a secure padlocked double gate offering security to our members, their vehicles and tackle.

The many lakes in this area of the Wensum valley are believed to have been excavated during the war years to provide aggregates to build the wartime airfields in Norfolk so have possibly been in existence for over sixty years, which have matured to provide a wonderful woodland setting for this beautiful fishery. Yet its believed that Wensum fisheries didn't attain any prominence as a fishery until the mid sixties when individuals such as Lenny Bunn, Arthur Clarke, Ray Cannell and Sid Baker began to fish the area and carp were stocked for the first time.

Low numbers of carp were stocked in the early seventies and mid nineties with these fish historically attaining some impressive weights topping 40lb due to the excellent water quality the lakes have to offer. The fishery has also been known in the past for its tench and bream to double figures and with around 1 mile of the superb river wensum on offer recently producing chub to over 7lb and with a chance of barbel and large roach the fishery is set to become a truly outstanding mixed specimen fishery.

With further careful stocking and development of this fishery over the next few years we intend to re capture the traditional character of this once loved fishery and will continue to build on the big fish pedigree the lakes clearly have providing opportunities for our members to fish in a lovely environment away from the hustle & bustle of many of today's busy fisheries and with the chance to catch superb carp and tench yet will also be providing our members with the opportunity should they wish to while away a few hours with the gentler side of angling float fishing amongst the lily pads with what has now become a rare possibility to fish a classic mature Wensum gravel pit fishery and experience fishing as many would like it to be .

Each lake is explained in further detail on this website please use this information to decide which is the lake for you this season, and remember angling is a very personal experience, at Wensum Fisheries we aim to provide you with the fishing you want to enjoy.

Wensum Fisheries actively promotes angling the environment and the wider community and is a club member of the Angling Trust.

The fishery has and will continue to invest to provide our members with a fishery they can visit time after time and be safe, secure and confident that on the right day they may experience a days fishing to remember.


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