Fishery Update 2020 - Our First Forty

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2020 has by any standards been a particularity difficult year and unsurprisingly has placed many pressures on to managing a fishery, but with lots of hard work it has so far turned out to be a superb season. Covid 19 will sadly live long in the memory but the ability to get out and fish has not only proven to aid people’s wellbeing it has shown how important these quiet green spaces are to our social fabric, and given people hope for better things to come when locked down in their houses.

The long expected news that one of our fish had topped 40.13lbs a few weeks ago was without doubt very welcome at the fishery and with another fish very likely to get to this weight next season it has offered me the chance to reflect on the opportunity I’ve had over the last few years to restore Wensum Fisheries back to a serious carp fishery that could be considered one of the best in the region, because that’s exactly what it is.

A successful beautiful lily clad lake set in the Wensum valley, large stunning carp to over 40lbs with a permanently low membership all run without an otter fence in sight only a dream of the 1970’s surely?

And maybe that’s what it was several years ago when I took on what was a very run down broken fishery, a plan of how I wanted a fishery to be, without fences, without members packed into every swim, and with low numbers of very big fish, one for the purist.

Of course everyone laughed, everyone swore and generally everyone one said you’re wasting your time and money, there’s nothing in the lake and the otters would eat all your fish you put in.

But they didn’t.

We worked extremely hard day upon day in all weathers over the first few years with a small group of guys (who will always be appreciated for their efforts) to make the fishery safe and fishable again, of course that work still continues today as the fishery is highly labour intensive but the fishery had been moulded and it was time to build back its reputation as a highly sort after carp fishery.

Selecting Our large 'wild' Dinton fish was the easy part as I had stocked them at other fisheries and knew they had a great pedigree they also fitted the plan of how the fishery would develop and without exception they have really settled down to piling on the weight, they are looking in fantastic condition and have developed into large hard fighting stunning fish with bags of character.

Designing a fishery and a stocking policy that would work in the Wensum valley in the late 2000’s previously ravaged by otters throughout 2007, 2008, 2009 was a different matter but was one that I was sure I knew how to approach, and again it worked.

So I now have a successful beautiful lily clad lake set in the Wensum valley, with large stunning carp to over 40lbs with a permanently low membership all run without an otter fence in sight in 2020.

So is the project complete? Maybe it is maybe it isn’t, I’ve set out to do what I wanted to and created the fishery I wanted but one thing in life is certain as 2020 and Covid19 has taught us all is that nothing lasts forever.  

We no longer advertise or rave about our fish on social media because it’s here and now a very successful fishery, Wensum Fisheries is a special place there are not many of its kind left in Norfolk a quiet green space full of character and one of Norfolk's top carp fisheries.

So Fish it while you can.

To apply for membership to our excellent fishery here in the heart of the Wensum Valley click this link to our online waiting list application form.


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